FederID components

Architecture overview



FederID is based on theses free softwares:



Based on J2EE and OpenLDAP, InterLDAP makes it possible to manage the complete cycle of an identity through its attributes, its accesses and its prerogatives. It is the essential tool to provide an advanced interface of consultation and administration of an LDAP directory.

More informations on http://www.interldap.org.



The users are confronted today with a multitude of on-line resources (bank, social care services, civil services...). A user identity on the Web is thus parcelled out, scattered. It becomes frequently delicate to manage, both for customers and businesses.

To give more coherence to identities management, several consortia, among which Liberty Alliance, designed a set of "identity federation" protocols. Entr'ouvert has developed Lasso following Liberty Alliance standards which allows to couple the needs for a strong authentication with the respect of users private life.

More informations on http://lasso.entrouvert.org.



Authentic an Liberty Alliance Identity Provider. It provides Single Sign-On (SSO), Single Logout (SLO) and attributes sharing.

More informations on http://www.entrouvert.com/fr/authentic/.



LemonLDAP::NG is a network service which is a single entrance point of all HTTP requests aimed to the various protected Web applications. With the help of an LDAP directory, it offers a single mechanism of authentication and access control to these applications.

More informations on http://lemonldap.objectweb.org.