Members of FederID ANR consortium


The CIO of any industrial company needs interacting with a counterpart able to carry commitments and guarantee some level of services. LINAGORA plays exactly this role, by providing a range of services and solutions, thereby allowing to maximize the benefits of the Open Source Software.

Established in 2000, LINAGORA has been one of the original promoters of the Open Source approach in the French speaking community, and is still very actively involved in this field.

LINAGORA interacts proactively with its customers in their industrial projects, based on Open Source Solutions technology. LINAGORA's line of activity is leveraged by unique tools and methods like its Open-Source Specific Maintenance Programme (Tierce Maintenance Logiciels Libres - TM2L), or its innovative service offering, based on 8 Competence Centres: LDAP Directory, CMS, Supervision, Groupware, Security and PKI, Open Office productivity, Database, J2EE development.

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Entr'ouvert is specialised in free e-government and identity management solutions. Entr'ouvert is a member of libre-entreprise, a free software company network, within which companies work in a democratic manner.

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Founded in 2002 by Bull, France Telecom and INRIA, ObjectWeb is a consortium of leading companies and research organizations from around the world who have joined forces to produce next generation of Open Source Middleware. ObjectWeb's goal is to provide Real-Time Enterprises with independent solutions which combine quality and robustness at the best possible performance/cost ratio. ObjectWeb targets alternative solutions to proprietary products for e-business, EAI, data connectivity, grid computing, and enterprise messaging.

Based on Open Standards, ObjectWeb's middleware includes application servers, components, frameworks and tools. Examples of ObjectWeb's "cost killer" middleware are JOnAS - an Open Source implementation of the J2EE TM specification, JORAM JMS - a Message Oriented Middleware and Enhydra - a Java/XML Application Server.

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Thales is a global electronics group serving professional markets in three areas: defense, aerospace and security. Its activities include prime contracting for large-scale programs, complex system architecture, and the supply of equipment and systems and related support services.

With 2003 revenues of €10.6 billion, Thales is recognized as a world leader in high technology. The group’s engineers draw on a solid foundation of generic and dual civil/military technologies centered on real-time management and distribution of information.

The other distinctive characteristic of Thales’ businesses is its international dimension both in terms of the markets it serves and the countries of operation. With industrial operations in nearly 30 countries, Thales is pursuing a unique multi-domestic strategy, which is of key relevance in defense markets. This strategy is designed to provide the group with the local presence it needs to serve both civil and military customers effectively, anticipate demand and propose the right technical solutions at the right price to meet their requirements.

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ISATSE (Institut Supérieur des Techniques Avancées de Saint-Etienne) was founded in 1991 after the favorable opinion of the Titles Commission, a French institution working on engineer degrees normalization.

This institute of the university Jean Monnet forms in three years engineers with master degrees, with specialties “Telecom and Network”, “Electronic and Optic”, 'Numeric Imagery and Vision”, and has also a training branch in domain “Industrial Optic Vision”. ISATSE delivers an engineer diploma to 150 students and continues a specialization effort in telecommunications domain (entry in Telecom INT contest and launch of a thematic research cell).

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